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Holidays in picturesque Lammertal Annaberg-Lungötz lies at the entrance to Lammertal, a valley named after the river which flows through it. This idyllic community is your perfect vacation address: In summer here with us, you will find an ideal hiking paradise for the whole family, whilst challenging alpine tours and via ferrata climbs are irresistible enticements for experienced alpinists! Gourmets especially appreciate those moments of epicurean happiness enjoyed over a mouthful of Tennengauer Almkäse cheese or a plate of Tennengau mountain lamb. Visitors hungry for culture are also able to satisfy their appetite, perhaps in nearby Salzburg City of Mozart, exploring the unique finds at Golling Castle, or visiting Hallein, a city with a long history of salt-mining! In summer, Annaberg-Lungötz is a gem for all nature lovers. The high moors on the Gerzkopf, which are a nature sanctuary, are especially well worth a visit: You will find numerous protected and endangered plant and animal species in this area, which surrounds the mysteriously named "Black Pool". Rare varieties of orchid also find a suitable habitat in and around Annaberg-Lungötz. We hope you will stop in at one of our mountain inns and alpine huts, where you will be able to sample a selection of farm-made products, including a variety of cheeses, smoked country bacon and fresh farmhouse bread!

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