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Krispl - Gaißau

Tennengau & Dachstein West
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Krispl-Gaissau in the Tennengau region of SalzburgerLand Krispl and Gaissau are two communities located at 1,000 meters above sea level in the midst of the Osterhorn mountain group. These two consolidated mountain villages were seemingly created for holidaymakers in search of some well-earned rest and relaxation. Far removed from the hectic outside world, here in Krispl-Gaissau you are guaranteed to spend a relaxing vacation in every regard. The pleasant climate, the fresh air and the forested countryside create an atmosphere that is prized by vacationers. Yet those who love outdoor sporting activities aren't in the slightest short-changed either - both in winter and in summer.

Krispl - Gaißau
Austria Tennengau & Dachstein West

Telephone: +43 6240 414
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