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Abersee is not only the name of the lake now known as Wolfgangsee and one of the famous Salzkammergut-lakes, but also the ancient name of the whole area surrounding the lake. The district of Abersee Abersee today is one of the of five districts of St. Gilgen. Between Abersee and St. Wolfgang the lake Wolfgangsee has its narrowest section and here it is possible for walkers and bikers to cross over with the "Schifffahrt Greinz" ferry, The Zinkenbach river separates the two parts Schwand (St. Gilgen) and Gschwendt (Strobl). Tourism Tourism in Abersee is as important as in the rest of the Wolfgangsee area. From hotels to camping areas, handcraft or stores of every kind, you can find all you need in Abersee for a perfect holiday. Traditions and traditional activities are also still very important in Abersee.

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