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Weissbach bei Lofer

Salzburger Saalachtal
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Weissbach bei Lofer in SalzburgerLand The NATIONAL PARK VILLAGE of Weissbach bei Lofer is a small community in the heart of SalzburgerLand; surrounded by the peaks of the Steinernes Meer as well as the Leoganger and Loferer Steinberge, Weissbach is a perfect base for alpine hikers and climbers. This tranquil Pinzgau community, located at 666 meters above sea level, is home to just 400 local residents. Weissbach is actually made up of these smaller hamlets Frohnwies, Hintertal, Pürzlbach, Unterweissbach and Oberweissbach. Holidaymakers staying in Weissbach bei Lofer can set out to discover countless sights and attractions, not least of which is Seisenberg Gorge.

Weissbach bei Lofer
Austria Salzburger Saalachtal

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