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Bergheim is a small community located right on Salzburg’s city limits. Although Bergheim has grown in recent years and has changed with the times, it has still managed to retain its village character. Now, as then, people meet and chat at the butcher, baker, grocery store and the town’s local eateries. Today’s Bergheim has a population of about 4,900, all of whom have grown to love the community spirit that is part of rural life, combined with all the flair of the big city. Bergheim – the village near Salzburg Bergheim is located just three kilometers from Mozart’s city and a wonderful getaway offering lovely natural landscapes and magnificent views. Attractions: The Maria Plain Pilgrimage Church was built in 1674 and houses the famous miraculous image of the Virgin Mary “Our Lady of Consolation”. Also recommended:the Calvary Paht, St. George’s Parish Church, built 1695 and the Voggenberg nature reserve featuring the Salzburg Observatory. Sports, recreation and spa: Excellent bike tours, ten hiking, jogging and Nordic Walking trails, outdoor pool and “Bergxi” spa, ice skating rink, tennis and squash, “Vitarium” at the Gmachl Hotel, nine golf courses in close proximity. Trade fairs: The Brandboxx fashion and event center in Salzburg/Bergheim is the linchpin of the fashion industry and a popular, modern event venue. Restaurants: Well-known restaurants and inns serving regional cuisine - from the typical village inn to the gourmet restaurant and specialty restaurants as well as cafés. Accommodations: From lovely private rooms and cozy inns to the well-appointed spa hotel. Directions: A1 Motorway, „Salzburg Nord“ exit, follow B156 to Bergheim By bus or rail to Salzburg: Line 21 to the city center every 15 min. S1 every hals hour to the Central Train Station

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