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Mozart city of Salzburg

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Mozart-town Salzburg - Experience diversity! Art, culture and enjoyment in one of the world’s most beautiful cities! To fully describe the Mozart-town Salzburg, you would have to be a poet! This city, situated near the Salzach, is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Numerous outstanding buildings and monuments give the historic old town its special brilliance. The UNESCO declared the baroque old town to be part of Austria’s, and the world’s cultural heritage. On the basis of the UNESCO motto –“Monumenta semper sunt servanda” – such cultural and natural heritage has to be preserved – and protection laws are enforced in order to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of the old town’s architecture. Holidaymakers who are interested in culture will get their money worth when visiting the numerous splendid buildings and museums of Salzburg, which are full of fascinating exhibits. For extended sightseeing tours the SalzburgCard is recommended. You will receive discounts at many institutions or can even visit them free of charge. Cultural holidays in Salzburg Salzburg is known for its broad cultural offerings – and not only in the festival time. The city offers a wide range of cultural offerings throughout the entire year. From a visit in the opera to an entertaining evening in the cabaret –no wishes will be left unfulfilled. Apart from the cultural highlights that Salzburg has to offer, visitors will enjoy all sorts of shopping as well as traditional culinary delights on the highest stage. If you live before the gates of the city you will be able to combine your cultural city holiday with a mixture of recreation, sports and nature. Especially during the summer, Easter and Whitsun Festivals as well as the “Mozart-week” your holiday in Salzburg will be full of action.

Mozart city of Salzburg
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