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Anif, the green south of Salzburg welcomes all its guests. Nature and tradition, these are values that are still of great importance to us. Here each guest receives a hearty and personal welcome. The rural parish with urban character is the perfect starting point to explore and experience the surrounding. Experienced hotel keepers and landlords fulfil all the wishes of their customers. Conferences, fairs or holidays - here you will experience a balanced mix of professionalism and familial warmth. Anif offers more of everything to everybody. The good taste of Anif The gastronomy of Anif is a culinary delight for every gourmet. Delicious specialities are served everywhere - Italian food in the pizzeria, fine food in elegant restaurants or traditional Austrian food in the restaurant around the corner. Not to forget a cool beer or a good glass of wine after the meal in a bar. In Anif good food is an essential part of your stay. Activities in the green south of Salzburg Do you want to play golf, tennis, or just go for a walk? Do so and experience the beauty of our countryside! Anif - an island in the green countrysinde is the perfect starting point to explore Salzburg and its surrounding.

Anif near Salzburg
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