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Seeham im Flachgau

Salzburg Lake District
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Seeham has tradition. Our guests already knew the warm heartedness of the hosts in 1850 and the charming landscape at Haunsberg and regard the Obertrumer lake highly. Tradition continues Door to door with nature – the Seeham farmers go carefully around their natural habitat. The high proportion of the supervised organic working operation is remarkable. Just like the quality of the "Holiday on the farm" supplier. Mit dem Öko-Kultur-Projekt Teufelsgraben eröffnet sich eine mystisch-mythologische Erlebniswelt. Der Natur-Erlebnis-Weg, der Wildkarwasserfall mit der Kugelmühle und die Röhrmoosmühle sind Zeichen des harmonischen Zusammenspiels von Natur, Kultur, und Wirtschaftlichkeit. Tradition and modern age The Seeham sea stage - already an institution - combines guests and inhabitants of the region with its offering. A varied programme from historical and contemporary art, with added spice with music, humour and creative stage building, combined with starry sky and lapping of the waves – that is the recipe for the success of the Seeham seat stage.

Seeham im Flachgau
Austria Salzburg Lake District

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