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Neumarkt am Wallersee

Salzburg Lake District
Neumarkt am Wallersee 4.8 50
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The young town in the Flachgau region presents unspoiled nature, well fitted out skating routes, cycling and walking routes, romantic cross-country ski runs and opportunities for ice-skating. The catering does not leave any culinary desires untouched. From new wines from the homely kitchen, the natural and adequate kitchen to the fish and snail restaurant spans the floor. The proximity to Wallersee invites a stroll. The yacht habour with charming east bay, the boat rental and sailing school provide just like the old-fashioned seaside resort, a campsite and private baths at Neumarkt am Wallersee. For the culturally interested, our unique museum in the Fronfest is a special attraction. From the judicial system and the criminal history of Neumarkt the original cells are evident from the 16th century. Exemplary for the historical significance of the Neumarkt craft the leather workshop and the hat makers are there.

Neumarkt am Wallersee
Austria Salzburg Lake District

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