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Michaelbeuern - Dorfbeuern

Salzburg Lake District
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Michaelbeuern in the Flachgau region Michaelbeuern is part of the greater community of Dorfbeuern with some 1400 permanent residents. It lies around 30 kilometers from the City of Mozart, Salzburg, right on the border with Upper Austria. Michaelbeuern is primarily known due to its Benedictine abbey of the same name, a highly popular sightseeing destination. During a guided tour of the abbey, you will be able to visit the abbey church, Mary's Chapel, the Divine Office room with its baroque altars, the library and the great abbey hall. And right across from the abbey you will find a famous, traditional restaurant - the Stiftskellnerei.

Michaelbeuern - Dorfbeuern
Austria Salzburg Lake District

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