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Henndorf am Wallersee

Salzburg Lake District
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Your holiday oasis on lake Wallersee The village of Henndorf lies in the Flachgau region of SalzburgerLand, right on the shores of a swimming lake popular with summer holidaymakers – the Wallersee. Lake Wallersee, at six square kilometers, is the biggest lake of Salzburg's Alpine Foothills Region, simultaneously the largest one of the Salzburg Lake District Region. The maximum depth of the lake is 23 meters. Holidays in the Salzburg Lake District Henndorf am Wallersee is a popular destination for active, sports-loving vacationers. Its location right on the Wallersee makes it possible to enjoy an array of recreational and sporting activities: windsurfing kite-surfing sailing swimming camping cycling hiking Incidentally, hiking and mountain biking is also possible on and around the mountains which surround Henndorf: the Grosse Plake, Steinwandl and Zifanken.

Henndorf am Wallersee
Austria Salzburg Lake District
Telephone: +43 6214 6011
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