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Göriach – paradise comes in small packages A small, precious gem of a holiday spot, Göriach lies at an elevation of around 1200 meters above sea level, about 6 kilometers from the county seat of Tamsweg. In summer as well as winter, Göriach offers many different opportunities to be out and about amidst beautiful countryside and healthy air. Not surprising, then, that Göriach is the starting point for numerous hikes ranging from easy to challenging. Countless mountains surrounding Göriach are more than 2500 meters tall, the highest being the Hochgolling at 2,862 meters, a hiking paradise for experienced mountaineers. Not to be missed: an outing to the Göriach Hut Village, a truly one-of-a-kind alpine village, easily reached even if you are pushing a pram or are a senior citizen. This is also the site of an annual open-air mass along with a big hill-country festival and, during Lungau's Harvest Festival celebrations, of a traditional homecoming festival to welcome the flocks and shepherds back from summer grazing season in the mountains. And you should absolutely visit the Göriach Bee Path , which provides fascinating insights into the world of bees.

Austria Lungau

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