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Gastein Valley
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Pure rest and relaxation in Dorfgastein Dorfgastein is a popular holiday community located at the start of Gastein Valley in the heart of magical SalzburgerLand. Idyllic Dorfgastein is the smallest Gastein Valley community, yet manages to captivate with its traditional charm. Dorfgastein is the ideal spot for everyone wanting to experience a magical vacation in the midst of a breathtaking natural setting. And here in Dorfgastein, you will be able to get to know alpine culture at its most authentic! In summer, the countryside around Dorfgastein is ideally suited for hiking and mountaineering. After a strenuous hike, you should definitely "recharge your batteries" in one of our traditional alpine huts! Dorfgastein – ideal for a family getaway

Austria Gastein Valley

Telephone: +43 6432 3393-460
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