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Bad Reichenhall

Berchtesgadener Land
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Bad Reichenhall is a friendly spa town that invites its guests to an unforgettable time in a quiet and impressive atmosphere. The City offers spa and health facilities as well as historic and classic events. Beautiful parks, a vivid city centre, modern health and spa institutions, and historic sights are just some of the numerous highlights in Bad Reichenhall. Furthermore, the city is surrounded by a beautiful scenery of mountains, the Berchtesgadener Alpen. All in all, Bad Reichenhall offers so many interesting things that no one will regret coming here. Sightseeing in Bad Reichenhall Bad Reichenhall welcomes its guests to visit the numerous historic and modern places such as: Alte Saline (Old salt-mine), Altes Königliches Kurhaus (Old majestic event centre), and the historic city centre. Cultural Events in Bad Reichenhall Bad Reichenhall is famous for its fascinating combination of day and night activities. After a relaxing and interesting day visitors can enjoy a cultural highlight such as a concert from the philharmonic orchestra or a classic event in a unique atmosphere. Bad Reichenhall is worth visiting. Unforgettable moments full of magic and beauty are created throughout the whole time. Balls, musicals, concerts, and operas are just some of the numerous events in Bad Reichenhall. A highlight is the classic festival AlpenKLASSIK (AlpsCLASSIC) which presents chamber music stars. Nature and Alpine Wellness Thanks to the mountain character and natural remedies Bad Reichenhall is the first German Alpine Wellness Location. In 2001, Bad Reichenhall received the title Alpine City of the Year. A centrepiece in Bad Reichenhalls wellness atmosphere is the Spa & Fitness Resort RupertusTherme. This glamorous and quiet spa resort is the perfect location for relaxation and regeneration. Health Water drips and travels, working its way through the heart of the mountains, dissolving minerals in salt richt rock and becoming a vehicle for the salt of life. Along with the life-giving powers of dwarf-pine and the healing properties of moor (mud), natural brine is the magic potion long used by Bad Reichenhall and Bayerisch Gmain.

Bad Reichenhall
Austria Berchtesgadener Land

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