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What is Soccer golf? Soccerpark combines soccer and golf with a lot of fun. 1. Soccer golf court in Austria The new leisure time fun for the whole family! The round thing has to get into the round. A tactical player with a cool head will be the winner. This fun sport originates in Scandinavia where it was played 15 already years ago. Meanwhile, this form of sport is very popular – there are circa 30 soccer golf courts. In spring 2006 the first one was opened in Germany. Since then this sport is spreading there up to 20 courts, and every year news one come in addition! Various championships are hold on this courts every year. There is also a annual World and European championship organized by the World Soccer Golf Association. Our court in Salzburg is the first in Austria. Soccer golf is played alike golf on 18 courts with Par 72. The football has to be played by foot without a bat over different obstacles with as less attempts as possible into the hole. Out outdoor soccer golf court has a size of 32,000 sq m. The paths are between 50 and 175 meters long, the whole distance of all 18 paths is 2 kilometers long. You need approx. 1,5 - 2 hours to enjoy this extraordinary fun! This new fun sport is ideal for families, corporations, clubs, birthday parties, groups or just for you and your friends. Professional soccer players are not always on the inside track! Even professional teams are regular customers on the courts in Scandinavia and Germany for years. Soccer golf is perfectly appropriate for teambuilding! Our paths The lenght of every one of our paths is 65-170 meters. The separate goals are 60 cm big rings in the ground, nets, higher located pots and even a two-men bobsleigh pf the bobsleigh run of lake Königssee! The creativity is unlimited! THE SOCCERPARK BIRTHDAY PARTY! MAKE YOUR BIRTHDAY CHILD AND YOURSELF HAPPY WITH OUR HELP A lot of fun awaits your child and his of her friends at our place! And the best: You can be glad, too – because a party in the Soccerpark Salzburg offers many advantages also for parents. You have also the possibility to play a round of soccer golf with your birthday child and his or hers friends altogether. Per 4 children one adult should be attentive. That"s how you manage to get kids al fresco for about 2 hours and to be sportive! Professional instructors brief the kids with the rules of the game, and the game starts. You note the children"s scores on the socre card with due regard to the official soccer rules – then the winner is elected and gets an official winner medal! FUN * ACTION * MOTION ------ al fresco! The Soccerpark Salzburg becomes a big and unique event location offering a lot of possibilities to go on the rampage – but not in your house or garden but rather under the open sky on an area of 32.000 sq m – as large as 5 soccer fields!

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