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It used to be the only connection between the towns of Oberndorf, Austria, and Laufen, Germany. For many centuries, this bridge at Altach (a part of Oberndorf) was the only connection between Oberndorf and Laufen, as well as the only possibility between Salzburg and Tittmoning to cross the River Salzach. The bridge was repeatedly destroyed by floods. From 1901 to 1903, the “new” bridge (see Salzach Bridge) between Laufen and Neu-Oberndorf was constructed. Built in 2006, the new Europe Footbridge (length: 131.20 m) was constructed at nearly the same place as the original one. At low water, the remnants of the old wooden pillars of the old bridge become visible. Crossing the bridge from the Laufen side, you will have a magnificent view of St. Nepomuk’s Statue and of the Calvary Chapel. In Laufen, you can admire the historical buildings of this old boatmen’s town.

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