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The Wolfgangsee lies on 538 meters and belongs to the beautiful Salzkammergut and has a length of ten kilometers, a width of 1.9 kilometers, and measures up to 114 m depth. The water area is 13.5 km ². The Wolfgangsee belongs - with the exception of a narrow strip in the northeast, which is one of Upper Austria - to the Province of Salzburg. He is framed by Fuschl and in the north from Lake Mondsee and in the North East from Schwarzensee and Attersee. Smaller tributaries of Lake Wolfgang are the millstones, cabbage and Gunzenbach from the north and the Zinkenbach from the southwest. The deposits of zinc Bach have already reduced the width of the Wolfgang lake in Reith to 250 meters. The Wolfgangsee is drained by the Ischl Traun.

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