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The Mattig flows from south to north the Obertrumersee and then in the Grabensee, the Mattsee dehydrated through a channel in the Obertrumersee. The Obertrumersee is a lake with excellent water quality. Beach pools can be found in Seeham and upper strand. On the lake there are numerous nature trails. For perennial walkers, the route "Via nova" is recommended, which starts in the Lower Bavarian Metten and ends in St. Wolfgang, Salzkammergut. He also runs through Seeham on Obertrumersee. Interesting: The lake can be traveled by a ship of the line or rent a pleasure boat. Due to good wind conditions, the lake is also popular with sailors and surfers. In prehistoric times, the three Trumer Lakes were connected to a lake and findings indicate that they have been used as a waterway.

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