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The bare notion “Trockene Klamm” (dry gorges) points out that not the force of water led to the formations of gorges and clefts – as in the “Glasenbachklamm” which birth is coursed of the subversive forces of “Klausbach”. The “Trockene Klamm” owes their birth much more a “mountain tearing” about 10.000 years ago. As the Salzach glacier was mostly melt off and the Salzach valley already was settled by human beings huge limestone packages glided slowly from separate slopes in the southeast of Elsbethen towards the valley and disrupted extreme deep clefts. The limestone fell to a huge number of huge boulders which are severed of clefts. In the dense mixed wood especially the spruce is striking, its expanding superficial lying root network clutches impressively the boulders. “Flourishing gem” in the “Trockene Klamm” are the ferns of which 18 different species are prospering.

Dry Gorges
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