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A place of prayer for the boatmen to ask for protection against the hazards of the River Salzach. St. Christopher´s Chapel or Boatmen´s Chapel was first mentioned in 1518. It was the custom that, before leaving for a new assignment, every boatman made a cross in the river with his oar and, looking at the chapel, said, "Downriver, in the name of God." When the chapel was newly constructed in 1858, it was decided that, before departure of a barge, the boatmen either had to say three Lord´s Prayers or go to the chapel for prayer. Being the patron saint of boatmen, sailors, and wagoners, St. Christopher´ Day (July 25), was celebrated by reading Mass. In 1978, on the occasion of the 700-year anniversary of the Boatmen´s Corps, the chapel was renovated.

Boatmen’s Chapel
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